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If God has answered your prayer and blessed you, we would love you to share it with us, please fill in your details in the form below and let us know how God has blessed your life!
They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.
  • Anita D'souza
    Mumbai, India

    Myself, my brother and my dad were admitted as Covid positive in Seven Hills hospital. I wasn't afraid as I was trusting the Lord for everything. My dad was recovering well after 5 days of hospitalisation, when he saw his nearby patient dying, he went into shock and his condition deteriorated.

    I cried to the Lord as there was no one to take care of him, God heard my prayer & healed him. My brother and dad were discharged but I was in the hospital for 21 days. My father suffered a mild heart attack at home and was again admitted in the hospital for a short time.

    By the grace of God and Bro. Manuel's prayers we are completely healed. I want to thank Bro. Manuel and the entire ministry for praying for us. I give glory to my Father in heaven for taking care of me like a child and keeping me safe under his wings. He provided me with everything I needed.

  • Evelyne Cardoza
    Mahim, Mumbai, India

    I and my husband Richard were tested positive for Covid 19 and were admitted in Breach Candy Hospital on 9th May for 22 days. My condition was little bad so I was shifted to ICU. We had asked Bro. Manuel to pray and he has prayed with us many times. By the Grace of God and Bro.Manuel's prayers, we are completely healed.

  • Joe and Sheryl Mergulhao
    Mumbai, India

    I and my wife Sheryl have so many things to thank God and BMM for:-

    Firstly, in spite of the pandemic, I received an increment on the 26th Dec' 20. Secondly, on the 30th Dec' 20, my wife Sheryl received and signed her job offer for a new company after being without a job for 2 1/2 months.

    These are the 2 big miracles that happened just in the past week. Like this we have experienced so many miracles in big and small ways. We really have so much to testify about.

    We strongly believe that its our seed that we have been sowing each month that has brought forth the blessings of God upon our lives, though we are less worthy of it. Thank you Jesus and Bro. Manuel Ministries for all the blessings.

  • Nandini Nagar
    Mumbai, India

    A person known to my husband was tested positive for Covid 19 and he was afraid that he might not come back from the hospital as he had health problems like BP and diabetes.

    My husband assured him that we will be praying for him and that he need not worry as Jesus will heal him. He spoke in faith that he would be back in 10 days. This person was discharged on the 7th day itself.

  • Nandini Malankar
    Mumbai, India

    After the Monday online service, my mom and myself were hearing the Blood of Jesus audio on YouTube, post our dinner. My dad was fast asleep, he woke up around 12:30 am to go the washroom which is outside our house. He had to pass through the passage area.

    He got up and sat on his bed for some time and we heard a loud thud in the passage. A part of the slab of the ceiling in our passage area had collapsed. I want to thank Jesus for saving my dad from this incident. God just held him from going around at that time. This same thing happened before also where I and my mom were saved from same accident.

    We are blessed to have Blood of Jesus' protection around our lives. Thanking GOD for making this series of Blood of Jesus available on YouTube. We are blessed as we know how to pray, cover and apply the Blood of Jesus in our daily lives.

  • Sharmila Fernandes

    Brother, I had Hallux Valgus (bunions on my feet due to wearing heels at work place). Every time after work, I used to get severe pain and it was unbearable. Surgery was the only option for this condition and my mother had undergone it.

    Since I’m in Bro. Manuel Ministries, I have learnt how to pray and apply the Blood of Jesus in faith. So I used to apply the Blood of Jesus as a medicine on both of my feet every morning during my prayer time. As time progressed, the pain reduced and now I’m completely healed .I want to praise and glorify my Lord Jesus for the total healing.

    The Blood of Jesus is so powerful and precious .Thank you Brother Manuel, my Shepherd for guiding and teaching us the marvels of our Lord Jesus.

  • Huberta Francis
    Mumbai, India

    Past one and half year I was suffering with swelling, itching, and watering on my both legs. Now I. am completely healed by the blood of Jesus. I want to thank & glorify my God for his marvellous work in my life. Also I would like to thank Bro. Manuel & all the intercessors for their continual prayers for me.

  • Kanchan Raksha
    Mumbai, India

    In normal circumstances my niece Bhakti wouldn't had been allowed to appear for the annual exams as her school fees were unpaid. But God is so faithful, merciful & compassionate that he.He didn't allow Bhakti to suffer but this year due to the pandemic all the students are promoted to the next standard.

    The Lord also provided her with the 9th standard books that I prayed for. The Lord fulfils even the smallest of my desires. He provided me the mangoes I longed for. I always wanted to attend intercession but due to the train problem I couldn't. The Lord made this too possible in the pandemic, I can now attend the intercession from my home.

    I experience the goodness of God everyday. I want to thank & glorify the Lord for all his blessings. I also want to thank Bro. Manuel & Sis. Lynette for praying for me.

  • Komal Gaikwad
    Mumbai, India

    My aunt Asha Gaikwad has been suffering from a left frozen shoulder since last July. She had severe pain. Last Wednesday, we watched the online conference with my family and Bro. Manuel shared the Word of knowledge during the prayer session.

    My aunt was praying for healing, that night she woke up & felt as if something touched her all over the body. Lord Jesus has healed her completely. All Glory & Honour to our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to thank Bro. Manuel & Sis. Lynette for their constant prayers.

  • Siddhika Lahori
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you Jesus for giving me a pain free period! If 2 years back, someone told me I would have a pain free period even in those 2-3 days, I would have just looked at that person blankly - thinking it’s impossible. That was the truth I had been believing - that pain is real - that what was happening in my present will continue to happen.

    I considered myself as a strong believer, a prayer warrior, leading in prayer but I couldn’t overcome this area in my life. I believed all the lies the devil said about my situation - through doctors, close people, friends. I was so overwhelmed by fear and my situation that I thought that God couldn’t get me out of this - moreover I started thinking probably God wants me to go through this pain. So I didn’t fight it for long - I just succumbed to the pain and this is how it is going to be.

    But during the lockdown I started to unwrap this area of my life. Started working on my diet, exercising. I started to pray about it and I saw the results almost immediately. I was not half as scared - I had no excruciating pain - by eating and taking the right medicines I was able to control how I felt in those days. I was waiting to testify for a long time that How God my Jesus is but I was doubtful thinking maybe it's a one time thing. But now after few months of pain free period, I can finally say with boldness and confidence in Jesus - that He is a healer, He has given us the Holy Spirit who comforts and guides us. Even in my unbelief, in my lack of faith He was there.

    I would like to thank Jesus for making the tall mountain a flat plain by working on my mind and fears. I would like to thank Bro. Manuel for always being patient, praying for me even by going on his knees so that I would overcome this area of my life. I would like to thank my fellow sisters in the ministry and the prayer warriors who constantly prayed for me and encouraged me to pray and fight. Thank you Father for giving me the right words to give this testimony talking about how you still work in each of our trials too!

  • Sherlyn D'souza
    Mumbai, India

    I was suffering from dysmenorrhoea and used to have severe pain during my periods. It was so bad that I would lose all of my strength; and would not be able to move anywhere, unless carried around by my mother.

    The first month it happened, I visited the gynecologist and Dr. told me that my hemoglobin levels were quite low. I took the prescribed medication, however the relief was temporal; as I went through the whole pain cycle again in the following month. My Father called up Bro. Manuel, and Bro prayed over me; and Blessed the water, and asked me to continuously drink the blessed water. I was immediately healed, my pain stopped and I had strength to walk again.

    This month when I got my periods, there was no need for any medication; I was normal I had the strength to walk. I thank God for healing me.

  • Anna D’Souza
    Mumbai, India

    Praise Jesus! I would like to thank God for healing me. Last week, I was suffering from throat ulcer and tonsils. I was experiencing server pain and was unable to swallow or drink anything. During the Vasai retreat, I tuned in Livestream to watch the healing and deliverance prayer session, and I claimed my healing, and Hallelujah I was healed!! all the pain just disappeared and I am able to eat and drink without any pain.

    I also want to testify about the the favor of God upon my life; I am a teacher by profession and teach at a reputed school in the city of Mumbai; there was a certain decision made by the school to let go of teachers who were new joiner's; without any real explanation. Even I was a new joiner at this school; and I feared the worse. But as Romans 8:31 says If God is for you, then who can be against you..." I went in to enquire about the list of new joiners who were let go and found my name on a list for demo that is in the next week which is the confirmation that I don’t have to leave the Job. Thank you Jesus.

  • Dayanand Kamble
    Mumbai, India

    I have been coming to this ministry since past 3 years. Jesus has done mighty miracles in my life. 7 years back, I had taken a loan at my native place in Karnataka for digging a well in our fields. I exhausted the loan money but despite digging it 70-90 feet there was no sign of water brimming in the well that was dug. Villagers in my village encouraged me not to give up even if it meant borrowing more money. We approached the Bank but they refused any new loans. Now with no source of income as there was no water to water the crops. I did not know how to repay back the loan.

    In stress, I started drinking with anybody. Also I started consuming 2 types of ghutka. I had many cattle but I was in debts and I lost them. During this time my father fell sick and he passed away and the work of digging the well prolonged by a year. My sister got me to Mumbai to search for a job. I started working odd jobs so that I could pay back my loans.

    After coming in this ministry God has helped me to clear all my loans, I have given up alcohol and gutka. My entire life has changed after coming to this ministry. Before coming to this ministry I had been to many babas and other religious places but it did not solve my problem but added to my debts. I came to this ministry in 2014 and within 6 months things changed in my life and I experienced miracles in my life. Thank you Jesus.

    My niece who is one & half year old suffering from cancer was very serious. Doctors had given up hope. But now she is doing well by the Blood of Jesus. Thank you Jesus!

  • Sanjay Dwivedi
    Mumbai, India
    God's mighty hand of blessing has been on my life. My daughter, who is 2 years old, was born with a hole in her heart. She had not been walking since the past two years. God has done mighty wonders and she has started walking. God is taking care of me and my family perfectly. I had gone through a lot of tough situations. In 2001, I retired from The Indian Navy, and started my own consultancy. For many years, my business was not running well. I kept my commitment in my prayer life and my sowing. In the past 3-4 months, I had lot of financial crisis. However it is only because of my sowing and my faith that God has blessed me; during the past four months, my pension had doubled. Money has been coming in and God has been providing sufficiently, to run my house and family. I want to testify and glorify the Lord. All I have to say is THANK YOU JESUS!!
  • Sushma Pujari
    Belgavi, India
    Ever since I've started praying in the Blood of Jesus, my life has changed. I have been part of Bro. Manuel Ministries for the past eight months, and I testify of the mighty things the Lord Jesus Christ has been doing.

    I was completely broken when, my grandmother had a brain haemorrhage, she had BP of 300 and doctors had given her less than 24 hours to live. Before my grandmother fell ill, she gifted me a DVD player, which I used to play the Blood of Jesus DVD set. Once I heard the entire teaching on the Blood of Jesus, my prayer life became strong. When the doctors counseled us that the only way to keep her alive, would be on a ventilator for the rest of her life. I started praying in the Blood of Jesus. I answered the call to fast and pray, by Bro Manuel. I called my friends to pray with me in the ICU. We applied the Blessed oil on my grandmother in the ICU and within three hours her Blood Pressure subsided to 180.

    The bleeding stopped. I called Bro Manuel and he asked me to continue praying in the Blood of Jesus and use the Blessed oil, by evening the very same day the BP was at 160. I had faith that Jesus would save my grandmother. Doctors examined her and asked us not to meet her for 48 hours, but by the grace of God! she opened her eyes on the second day. The doctors were surprised too see that. The ventilator was removed on the third day.

    The Blood of Jesus CD's gave me a lot of knowledge on prayer and it was a medicine to my grandmother. The doctors mentioned that my grand mother had paralysed her right side and that she couldn't see and lost her voice. I know my God is able to heal her, and I applied the Blessed oil to her neck and continuously started praying in the Blood of Jesus, today my grandmother is saved completely and she has got discharged from the hospital. Hallelujah! Praise be to Lord Jesus Christ!

    There was a child in the hospital; who was about to die. Child's mother was from a different faith and she applied the Blessed oil and it’s been over a month now that the child is still alive.

    Another patient's relative prayed with me in the Blood of Jesus and there was movement in her body and she could breathe with ease. The hospital atmosphere was transformed by the Blood of Jesus. Jesus Christ not only healed my grandmother but He also took care of other areas of my need, physical, spiritual and emotional! I used to be spiritually lukewarm but now, that is no longer true! I used to doubt but now, I am more easily given to faith in Him! I used to place my trust in man, but now my trust is totally in my Lord!
  • Pooja Yadav
    Mumbai, India
    I have come into this ministry through my friend who is a part of it; I want to share a recent miracle that took place in my life. I have been suffering from PCOD which is a cyst in my ovary since the past seven years. Although I was taking tablets day and night, nothing worked out. The doctors also mentioned that in future I might have difficulties in conceiving.

    When I came for the prayer meeting, Bro. Manuel had the healing session; I asked the Lord to heal me and He did! The next day I went and checked my reports and when the doctor told me he could not find any cysts, I felt an overwhelming burst of joy in my heart. Lord Jesus Christ had answered my prayer. The doctors told me not to have medicines anymore. I want to thank the Lord for this miracle! I want to encourage anyone who needs healing to trust in Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Hanisa Lobo
    Mumbai, India
    I want to testify about how God healed my child Shoshana, whom I conceived last year. I was due on 2nd June 16. I started getting pains on 7th June, the sonography reports showed that the water had broken and the baby had passed stools inside. We were in contact with Brother and he was praying for us. They took me for an immediate caesarean operation and Shoshana was born on Wednesday 8th June 16, she did not cry immediately so she was shifted to NICU for 3 days.

    When she was admitted in NICU she was put on oxygen, antibiotics and all precautions were taken to keep her safe. The entire ministry was praying for her. The next day when my husband went to see her, she was breathing on her own. Every needle that was inserted was removed & she was completely fine. Brother has named her Shoshana i.e. a Rose that is born among thorns because; she has come out of all the struggles that she was in.

    A few days back I noticed that she used to cry very loudly in her deep sleep, and also was vomiting; I informed brother and brother called for fasting. My husband & I fasted during the week, we were praying with her, even before we fasted the moment Brother prayed for her she has stopped crying. She is eating well and she is very active. I want to thank God for healing her.
  • Sunil D’souza
    Mumbai, India
    Before I came to this prayer meeting, I was totally lost and was a wretch; I would smoke five packets of cigarettes and drink daily. My mother brought me to this prayer service. After the very first prayer meeting, I lost the urge to smoke and drink. As my faith kept growing, I was healed from skin diseases. Today God has blessed me with a house of my own in Vakola; I was blessed with finance required to buy this house, which was fully furnished.

    I also want to testify today about the abundant blessings which God has blessed me and my family, all this is because of my sowing. God has elevated me from service advisor for Spectra Ghatkopar, to the position of a General Manager in Spectra Malad. My salary has increased more than my seniors or anybody in the company. I would like to thank God for allthat He has done and all that he is going to do in my life and in the lives of my family members.
  • Julie Bardeskar
    Kolhapur, India
    My name is Julie Bardeskar, I have lived in Kolhapur most of my life, living in Kolhapur I have faced a lot of trouble and also had to shouldered many responsibilities alone. I overcame the issues I faced because of Jesus but I didn’t know that it was because of His strength. I relied on my own strength and failed to acknowledge His strength.

    I moved to Mumbai four years back, when my brother invited me to Bro Manuel Ministries prayer meeting; Initially, I did not like staying in Mumbai or coming for the prayer meeting. Today I have been with Bro Manuel Ministries for four years, however I've been struggling with illness, due to my faith in the Lord, I have never given much thought to my illness; however in the past three months, this illness started giving me a lot of trouble and my faith in God was shaken. I panicked and decided to visit the doctor who diagnosed that a part of my stomach has cancer, and would have to be cut off. I felt the ground below me gave in and I sank in my faith.

    The prayer warriors at Bro Manuel Ministries prayed and assured me that there is no need for an operation. Due to my lack of faith, I became fearful and didn’t sleep well for nights. I got admitted to the hospital and the doctor cut off that part. When that part was sent for checking, it turned out that the part did not have cancer. I have learnt that due to my lack of full faith in Jesus, I lost a part of my body. But God has healed my body as I continue to rely on His strength and healing.

    Today I can acknowledge His strength in my life; more than anything. God has blessed me so much after I have come inthis ministry; I learnt that there is power in prayer. I have received many things through prayers and continue to stand firm in my faith and His strength.
  • Sanket & Akansha Keni
    Mumbai, India
    My name is Sanket Keni and this is my beautiful wife Akanksha, we’ve been married for the last four years. Ever since our marriage I've always been unhappy, sorrowful and full of sicknesses. My wife has been sick since the second month of our marriage and my parents too were constantly falling ill. At first I assumed that my wife's illness would go; since we had done a complete health checkup, and in addition to treating her for a urine infection, a kidney stone issue and migraine; every fortnight, she would have a different illness.

    My neighbours advised me to visit temples and a couple of babas. I did everything possible for three and a half years. Due to my wife's illness, we never had peace at home, nor was my wife healed of her sicknesses.

    My wife would get the feeling that there is someone at home. When she was cooking in the kitchen, she felt that somebody had passed by. While watching television and while sleeping she felt the same; she would not sleep during the day, afternoon or night. Even though we have a big house, it has no doors. Whenever I would call workers to fix the washroom and fix doors, I was unable to do it as my money saved up for this would be used up, towards my parents’ or my wife’s medical expense. Life is hard, but I always wondered why this would happen in my life. One day my brother invited me to attend a prayer meeting by Bro. Manuel Ministries, but I refused to come. However, we finally did attend the meetings and ever since that day my life has changed; my wife sleeps well, we have fixed the washroom and doors in our house, the feeling that someone is passing by at home, has gone away. I want to thank the Lord Jesus for choosing me, because it is by his grace and blessings that our lives have changed. I believe that my wife will give birth to a beautiful child. Thank you Jesus!
  • Selvin Thomas
    Dubai, UAE
    It has been a wonderful time at the Dubai retreat and God has been showering His blessings upon all the people. I had an injury in my knee. The doctors told me that I wouldn't be able to run as I had osteoporosis. As I attended the retreat, God just led me to run and I received my healing in my left leg. God made me express my faith in Him and I have been sprinting, something I would never have been able to do. I know that everyone of you who believe in Christ can receive healing if you put your faith in Christ and the ministry that you are called into. Thank you Jesus!
  • Rita Baretto
    Dubai, UAE
    There are only blessings when it comes to this ministry. I'm very grateful and thankful for Bro who has built up this foundation for each one of us to grow in the Lord. I really thank God because I never knew how to grow in the Lord.

    These days Brother is preaching about family life; how to make our children grow in the Lord spiritually as parents. I have never learnt all this before. We always think of raising our children to higher grounds when it comes to education, when it comes to what they should become, what they should grow up and be in their lives; but we never thought of how to spiritually make them grow. Now I'm taking a look at my life and I'm seeing what I'm doing and where I'm standing when it comes to raising my children in faith.

    The practical examples that Brother is giving us is helping me, my family and my children a lot. Though my husband is not here, he is also witnessing what we have been practicing here in this ministry. My prayer life has improved, ever since I have joined the power calls, I've learnt what is punctuality when it comes to prayer life. We also receive the anointing from the sessions that we watch on youtube. I'm really glad and I have no words to express my gratitude for this ministry, it is really building not only me but it is changing my character and has helped me increase my giving to the Lord. I thank everyone here who is praying for us to build this ministry. Thank you Jesus! God bless this wonderful place.
  • Cecilia Fernandes
    Dubai, UAE
    A year back I was hospitalized, with a broken hip as a result of an accident. Today I am completely healed in the name of Jesus, Jesus has given me a new life. I can stand on my feet without any support. My husband also faced an accident, as a result of which I had to return to India, I lost my job. My husband has been out of a job for a year and half. But God is taking care of all our finances and all our needs. God has given healing to my husband. He is 95% healed, now he has only a small fracture in his bone.

    I know that God is going to heal him completely. I thank God for our shepherd Bro. Manuel, he takes care of us every time, always provides us with the guidance we need. Because of him we are standing in this Holy Ground. I want to thank God for he has given me and my family a new and good life.
  • Suzanne Gregoriyan
    Dubai, UAE
    I have been in this ministry for 8 years. A lot of miracles have happened in these years with me. In November my husband passed away and I went through a difficult phase in my life. The Lord was with me, His grace and He loves me so much. But 40 years I lived with my husband, it was not easy. The love of God helped me and I went through. When Brother came to Dubai, I tried praising the Lord but I was not free during Praise and Worship. I love to shout and praise Him with all my heart, but this time I felt something in my heart, something holding me. Then I felt God touch my heart, He changed my heart. His power hit me and His glory, it was amazing what happened with me today. It was a miracle and I am set free today. I thank my Lord what He did for me, because He changed my heart and set me free from every sorrow in my life. I thank God for Brother Manuel and this ministry and for everything he has done in my life.
  • Stephen Lobo
    Dubai, UAE
    Before I came into this ministry, my life was in a complete mess, I was a heavy drinker, would go clubbing and just wanted to party. My life changed when I came in for counselling to Bro. Manuel, he blessed me with the Blood of Jesus CD set - I started listening to it daily and it started changing me, my prayer life improved - I quit my clubbing and drinking; God reunited me with my family. I thank Jesus for helping me in my finances, and in my family life. I just want to thank Jesus from the bottom of my Heart for His unconditional love and grace in the lives of my family and me.
  • Fatima Pimenta
    Dubai, UAE
    I want to give glory to Lord Jesus Christ because of my health. I have been going through health problems for the last 15 years. Today I have stopped my medication and have been healed in the name of Jesus. After coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries me ad my family have been receiving multiple blessings every day, especially in our health and our finances. It has been a great experience for me and my family. We have had many burdens in our lives, but through all the prayers now, our burdens are taken away. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus.
  • Deborah Pegado
    Mumbai, India
    The moment I stepped onto the Vasai Land, I felt the presence of God surround me. The praise and worship session led by the children changed the entire atmosphere of the place and I felt lighter in my body. I learnt more about the armor of God and having a sound mind; the Word given by Bro. Manuel. After the sessions, we played a lot of sports and had a good time. Bro. Ivan also spoke on how we should have thoughts of positivity; as every thing whether good or evil starts from the mind and our way of thinking. I felt the touch of the Lord during the Vasai outreach.
  • Aaron D'costa
    Mumbai, India
    I had a great experience during the Vasai outreach which was held during 29th April- 3rd May. Bro. Manuel explained to us that we must have a sound mind and we must be dressed to kill with the armor of God. I learnt that we are to be champions for Jesus as Bro. Larsen taught us. I felt free during the praise and worship sessions which was led by the children. Bro Ivan explained to us that our mind is the root cause of every thing. I also learnt the importance of sowing in God's Kingdom. I want to thank and praise the Lord for the anointing and blessings that I have received during the Vasai outreach.
  • Amar Sorte
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming to this ministry for the past 4 years. The reason for coming to his ministry was my court case which has brought me closer to the Lord. I thank Jesus for mighty miracles in my life. I want to thank God for blessing me in my business in the month of July we had started with only 2 cars and now we have a total fleet of 12 cars and everything is already set by my Lord Jesus Christ and my shepherd Bro. Manuel. I would like to thank every partner, every sower and every member of this ministry and for every person who had sown for the broadcasting because of them I’m here in this ministry.
  • Rajesh Shivdas
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming to this ministry since the past four months. I was possessed by evil spirits. I have never encountered such a face before. During my childhood, I could see evil spirits. It’s face was frightful and like a snake; the evil spirit would tell me things that were going to happen in advance.

    Three people befriended me and took me to a village by train where we were roaming for three days and there was darkness all over the place. They told me I would get whatever I want and they would make me famous and big. They offered me non-vegetarian food but I didn’t have anything except water. I ran away from that place.

    In 2009, I met with an accident while cycling, I felt someone hammering me. I had a severe fall and my hands and feet were wounded. I was admitted in the hospital and treated thereby. When I was there, I would get the feeling that someone is beating me. Prior to coming to the ministry, I would dream of a snake and scary faces who would scare me and they would talk about taking me away. I knew of a person’s death before it actually happened. I felt vibrations inside me and was extremely fearful. The people around would talk to me and they had caught me. Last November, when I was reading the Word, a man entered my house and claimed to know everything about me. He told me to trust him but I rebuked him saying that I only trust in The Lord. He fled and crashed into the nearby wall.

    When Bro. Manuel was praying over me, I felt the snake possessing me and not allowing me to go. The spirit would tell me that he wouldn’t leave me and I am his. When Bro. Manuel placed his hand over me, my eyes were closed and there was darkness all around. I don’t know what happened after that to me. Now, I feel much better than before and the heaviness has left me. I had a stomach ache on my left side; that too, has left me. I want to thank the Lord Jesus for everything He’s done in my life.
  • Binita Roy
    Mumbai, India
    I failed to discipline myself because I’d not learnt about disciplinein my life, especially about discipline regarding timings and waking up early. In the past, I called myself a night person. With knowledge, you get pride then you keep it to yourself. At some point, I felt that I know to take care of myself and pride entered me. I was loved by my parents and got pampered in a wrong manner. My aim was only to earn money, get into my profession and be around friends. When I came to the ministry, I got my deliverance from alcohol and smoking. Lack of discipline was the major reason for constant fights between my husband and me. Its important to listen to take care of your body and listen to Bro. Manuel.

    Today, I am facing the consequences. when Bro Manuel was praying over me, I could feel something trying to get out of me. I didn’t know what was happening to me and it was very painful. I was also feeling very hot. I could feel something trying to come out of my belly through my mouth. I wanted to scream. When I pray in my closet, I realize that the deliverance process has begun. There is a wave of hot air that keeps coming out of my ears, hands and legs. I also start shaking sometimes which never happened before. Last Wednesday after the deliverance process, I went home and slept extremely well. Since the past week, I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my body which is unexplainable. I believe the deliverance process has begun in me. I want to thank the Lord for his mercy and grace in my life.
  • Fatima Fernandes
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming in this ministry since 2007 and from the time I had come here my life has changed completely and even my family’s life has changed completely from the time I have started coming here. I had too much pride but now I have changed and from the time I have started attending intercession I have received healing and my pride has gone away completely. From the time I have started going Vasai for intercessions there is peace in my house and among my family members. After coming to this ministry I have been growing day by day now the people around me, my neighbors they respect me more and to behave with me in a better way which they used to not do earlier. I would like to thank Bro. Manuel for the word that he gives every Wednesday I have been growing more due to it. I would like to thank God for this ministry and Bro. Manuel.
  • Milind Kotian
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming in this ministry from the year 2007. I want to testify that everything good happened in my family’s and my life after coming to the Lord through this ministry. When Brother had prayed over me on Wednesday the mighty anointing of the Lord rested upon me and I was delivered from all my problems, I was suffering from indigestion for the past 15-16 years, after that my every work is blessed and I have been set free in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus!
  • Silika Pinto
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming to this ministry with my mother since the last ten years. I had been looking out for a job opportunity. I had been waiting online for the job to click. Bro. Manuel said that we have to sow our seed in faith. So, I sowed my seed in faith. The last 40 days, I have been praying and fasting and three of the biggest companies global advertising agency have got in touch with me. They have taken the first round of interview. I want to thank the Lord for all the good things that He has planned for me in my life. It’s not my will but his will, to be done in my life. I will praise and glorify him till the best plans are laid out for me. I want to thank Jesus and praise his name. Amen.
    Mumbai, India
    I have completed nine years in this ministry and in these nine years I have received a lot of blessings and miracles in my life. I used to work for BEST, night duty and in the mornings I used to handle the gardening, machinery and many other things, later I decided to change my job and I was blessed with a new job in the last six months. I received a blessing that I never thought I would receive. I got The Best Maintenance Award. I now work for L&T, I handle the maintenance of the company. Six months before when L&T had given this job to an other contractor, that contractor didn’t do a good, he took three years to complete the job, yet he didn’t complete, but as the Lord guided me; when I was given that job I completed it in six months with God’s blessing and help. I cannot thank God enough for this blessing he has given me.

    God has also blessed my son with a job in America, no one in my family has reached this far; and I’m proud of my son. He tells me that he wants to achieve more success in life and I know he will do it as, God's abundant blessings and grace are with him. We are a happy family. God has even blessed me with a car. I feel so blessed in this ministry, and this was only possible because of my counselling and because I choose to, stand here and pray to God.
    Mumbai, India
    I had taken my daughter to the doctor for an IQ test and before the test I asked Bro. Manual and Sis. Lynette to pray for my daughter. After the test the report's were all clear and the doctor's mentioned that she will get better as she keeps growing, but because my daughter was a bit naughty the doctor said she is a bit hyper and she needs medication; but I kept praying in the Blood of Jesus and the second doctor said that my daughter is normal she behaved like that because she was hungry and there’s no problem with her. Thank you Jesus! I thank my Lord and every one who has prayed for my daughter and she is a blessing to our family.
    Mumbai, India
    I want to testify on behalf of my sister; she was very serious in ICU in the month of December and even the doctors had no hope, but I told the doctors that she will come out and will do perfectly fine. She had cervical neck bone fracture and her vertigo column was separated, which led to a breathing problem, but we prayed to God. On 30th December she was operated and it was a successful operation, even the doctors were surprised, they said the operations went very smoothly. All the medical expenses were provided by Jesus Christ.

    My sister was an atheist, but after the operation she believes in Christ and that Christ has saved her. I thank God for this wonderfully blessing he has poured upon us. Amen!
    Mumbai, India
    On the 1st of December, God blessed me with a beautiful son, there were some problems at the time of birth and we took him to the hospital at night and in the morning when the doctor arrived, the doctor said that we have to operate the child immediately. I didn’t understand what to do at that time, but I left everything to God. I believe in him, if it’s his will he will save us. When the child was born the doctor said that he didn’t cry and his body was green in color. He was taken in the ICU for three days. I kept saying my son is very strong and after he was out of the ICU, On 4th of December I had to leave for Goa, but I missed my bus and I was able to carry my baby, later that evening when I was travelling to Goa, I got a message that my son will be called Israel. I praise and thank God for everything he has done for my family.
    Mumbai, India
    My daughter wanted to separate from her husband as their marriage was not working, I didn’t want her to leave her family and her In-laws, so I asked her to seek counselling with Bro. Manuel after the counselling she told me that Brother said that you have a daughter and a family you have to stay with them and many other things, she changed her mind and she went back to her husband and child.

    Another testimony I want to share is my younger daughter had very high fever, even after she covered herself in bed sheets and blankets she had very high temparature, after we asked Sister. Lynette `and Bro. Manual to pray for my daughter , her body temperature dropped and she was normal and fine. I thank God for blessing me and my daughters.
    Mumbai, India
    I always had the fear of death due to high cholesterol and I used to faint, I never faced such fear in my entire life. Earlier when I used to come for the meetings I couldn’t even stand, but later after I got into praying in the Blood of Jesus; the Lord God starting healing me I felt like he is taking out something from my body and now that pain and my fear of death has also vanished.
    Mumbai, India
    It’s been four years that I’m in the ministry and in the month of December I met Bro. Manual to tell him that God has blessed me with a second child again. Previously the doctors had told me and my wife that my wife can never conceive a child, But God has blessed us twice and I’m very thankful to God and to this ministry for their prayers and especially for Bro. Manuel for teaching us how to pray and grow in Jesus Christ.
    Mumbai, India
    I could not conceive a child, but after coming to this ministry, I’m blessed with this beautiful daughter Immaculate. Something got into my daughter’s eye and it wasn’t coming out and even the doctor were not in town, so I put an eye drop to her eye and I know that after I get her for the Wednesday meetings she will be healed and after Bro. Manuel prayed for eye’s she told me that her eye pain stopped and the redness has gone. She kept telling me that I want to testify and glorify God.
    Mumbai, India
    9th November I was asked to abort my child as my child’s heartbeat had stopped and I started to bleed. I informed Bro he prayed for me and the bleeding stopped.

    11th November Bro asked us to come to testify but I stayed back and I believe because of not testifying my bleeding started again and I met Bro and informed him about this and he said keep coming for the meetings and today I testify to overcome my bleeding and I believe that baby is growing inside and my bleeding has stopped.
    Mumbai, India
    We had a match against the current Indian cricket team and it was important for us to win that match to enter the quarterfinals. I prayed to God the one who is bigger than my battle and He played it for me and we won that match. I scored the highest runs and It was like a dream come true. I still don’t know how it happened, It’s all Jesus. I thank Bro.Manuel for his prayers and I thank God for his glory.
    Mumbai, India
    The Mumbai hockey team had called us for selection, during our vacation. This was during the Kolhapur outreach, I prayed to God, I told Him, that I’ll do the best I can and you bless me with an opportunity to be in the team. God not only put choose in the team; He also made me the vice- captain of it. We were representing the Mumbai team in Assam. There was an earthquake during there and panic spread all around; people were crying but me and my sisters prayed and the tremors stopped and we were all safe. We read the Bible to our teammates. They felt strengthened on hearing the Bible verses. We also prayed with them everyday.

    It had been a good experience on how to live within a community with different kinds of people. God is doing many amazing things in our lives. People usually make fun of me because of my height, which brough in a lot of negativity and fear that, I wouldn’t get selected. That day I came home and prayed to God, that if it is His will, the selectors will see my game and approve of me. The next day, I went for my selection; and I was among the first five people to get selected. We have learnt a lot from these camps. I want to thank Jesus for this ministry, for all three of us and for everything that He is doing in our lives.
    Mumbai, India
    Three months back I had evil spirits in my body that is the reason I had severe body pain. I do not remember anything, what I used to do and then later I came to know that I was doing wrong things to everybody under the influence of the spirit and spoke anything to others who used to come to meet me. I started going to church and then I started feeling better, I got delivered and healed from evil spirits, now the evil spirit does not harm me, now I am feeling better. Thank you Jesus!
    Mumbai, India
    My name is Reynold, I am coming from Gujarat, every Wednesday for prayer Meeting. Before I can say anything, I want to thank Jesus Christ, for my 1st Testimony. 2 Wednesdays earlier, I had had, a bike accident, I was on my way coming for the Wednesday meeting, I left from my place at 10:50 a.m to catch the train at 11 clock. It was my fault that I delayed and became late. I was running the bike at 65 speed and suddenly a person crossed with his bike and I had to put a sudden brake and I landed on the ground and I was skidding and going on and then I felt the bike went ahead and I jumped and fell headlong. Suddenly some people from around came and lifted me up and told me that they would take me to the hospital, I told them I am well, I returned to the office and I applied holy oil on my hand, the wound had got little dried up, after applying the Blessed oil the wound got healed. I had also got hurt on my knees and I was applying some tincture before this, but puss got formed there. There was a bro who used to come with me for the prayer meeting, who told me to apply blessed oil and that it will get healed you your self are getting late for the healing and then I applied the blessed oil and within 2 days the wound got healed. This is a miracle from our Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t go to the doctor, directly I came here the biggest doctor, through Bro. Manuel Lord Jesus Christ will heal me, whatever pain I am going through I will receive the healing from here. I have never applied any medicine. I have just applied the blessed oil and come to attend the meeting by the next train.

    I used to drink a lot nearly 2 pegs daily. I have stopped and received deliverance and healing for this. I also used to chew tobacco and got delivered from that also. It has left me and I received healing for this. I come here every Wednesday to get myself charged, I am relieved from my 6 days tension. My mission to come here to get myself charged. I want to thank bro. Manuel from my heart. Whatever bro and sister is doing for us they have anointing from God, Bro.Manuel is doing a lot of sacrifice which nobody else can do for us. Bro.Manuel and Sis Lynette I salute from my heart. I thank you Bro. Manuel.
    Mumbai, India
    I had a problem since I was in the 9th std. I would not go to school. I would cry; my mother would think that there is some evil spirit. I would not come for the Wednesday prayer meeting. I would not talk to anyone. I would only talk to my granny because I felt that she was the only one who would understand me. My mother called me on the prayer line and started praying. I passed my 9th std by the grace of God. In 10th std, I stopped studying. I would only sit and not do anything. My mother again started praying. Now, this problem is a little less. I started going for my classes and I started studying. Though I’m still unprepared for my SSC exams, I’m still praying. I was scared of some subject, so I would never study that subject. I would avoid going for my classes on that day. I would stay at home and do some other subject. As I’m praying, my fear of the subjects is going.
    Mumbai, India
    My diabetes level has come down. My daughter would trouble me a lot; I would tell her to attend our sessions but she wouldn’t come. I took her to the doctor, he said she was suffering from depression. I decided to get her for the prayer meeting because I knew that she would get well here itself. She would scream in the nights and mutter something. She wouldn’t even listen to my husband. We would lock her up and keep her in a room. I want to thank Jesus because I can see the improvement in my daughter. She has been attending the prayer meetings regularly and has come out of her depression through prayers and has a new life in Jesus.
  • Jeet Surendranath
    Mumbai, India
    Initially, I had all sorts of body problems like blood in the stool, bad throat, backache, less calcium; I’m healed of all those problems now. Recently, I was saved when I was coming for intercession when a big bus passed by.

    I was at the peak of my career when I hit rock bottom and now, the Lord is providing to me and I have learnt the importance of sowing. I was in the midst of an important project overseas when the client told me to call off the project though I had incurred a lot of expenses, I stayed calm and I got a call instructing me to carry on with the project. I also received a huge amount of money as a legacy from an unknown person in London who was a fan of my father. I feel so blessed after applying the Blood of Jesus and coming to this ministry.
  • Sebastina Ferreira
    Mumbai, India
    I was suffering from breast cancer. During the Chemotherapy the nurse did the treatment on the wrong hand because of which my hand was swollen and I was unable to lift my right hand for nearly 3 to 4 months. During today’s prayer session, suddenly I started lifting up my hand. I was also operated for the same and it was successful just because of Bro. Manuel & the prayer warrior’s prayers. I have received a lot of healing and blessings after coming here.
  • Sumeet Pardeshi
    Mumbai, India
    About a month and a half ago, I met with an accident on the Pune express Highway at 6:30 am after dropping off a client. I didn’t know when the accident took place, but I saw my nose bleeding in the car mirror, and realized I had broken my bones. While still in the car, I held onto the red ribbon given to us over here that gave me the grace to go through. I had 17 fractures at various places. I called up the recorded prayer line number and prayed. After that the ambulance came and I left. My chances of survival were slim. The doctors have not yet permitted me to remove my plasters or to walk. There is a rod in my leg, a plate in my hand, and a minor fracture in my nose. There is no sign of pain in my hands or legs now.

    I would go out with my friends late at night to Lonavla and come back at 3 or 4 am. Bro. Manuel told me to stop going out late in the night. We must take whatever Bro. Manuel says seriously, otherwise there will be a place for evil to enter our lives.
  • Francisca Patil
    Mumbai, India
    Three weeks ago, I had a paralytic stroke on the left side for the second time. I had my first stroke in 2006. I used to get angry and was disobedient. Bro. Manuel always told me not to get angry. I have come here to testify that God has completely healed me. Now I know where I am standing.
  • Maria Dwivedi
    Mumbai, India
    My testimony is about my brother. He came to Mumbai to seek a job. One day he boarded the Metro train and got lost. He was not in his senses. Later, I got a call from some unknownnumber saying take your brother home as he is trying to jump off the train. It is only when I brought him for the Wednesday prayer meeting that he came back to his senses. He has now recovered completely.
  • Vikrant Wavhal
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries fora year. I had a peculiar disease. When I consulted the doctor, he said it is difficult to cure this disease. Then, one of my relatives introduced me to this ministry. I want to testify that because I have Jesus and Bro. Manuel’s prayers, I am completely healed of this disease.
  • Candis Fernandes
    Mumbai, India
    I moved to the US six months ago for further studies. I faced a lot of difficulties initially and things were quite difficult especially since I was staying alone. Then I prayed in the Blood of Jesus and I spoke to Bro. Manuel about this. I used to wear the Blood of Jesus sticker and go for the exam and I stood first. I also took a Cisco-certified, internet working, export exam—this exam is very difficult and is only taken by people who have at least 8 years of experience. I have none. I asked Bro. Manuel whether I should take the exam. He said go ahead. This time, I put the Blood of Jesus sticker on my back and I secured 96%. Everything has worked out well for me. I am here for my summer vacation now and I will be returning to the US for studies.
  • Jeet Surendranath
    Mumbai, India
    I'm extremely grateful for everything that has happened in my life. I wandered from one place to the other, believing in one thing or the other. I did all kinds of workshops, mind control, hypnosis and I even got taken in by a tantric who very neatly almost took over my business, nearly broke up my marriage and my family. No one respected me; everyone thought I was just a fool. That's when I came here and Bro. Manuel picked me up. It was God's plan that I became a zero in life. I want to praise my Lord as he has blessed me with everything and for bringing me here. Every word that Bro. Manuel feeds us, I love to obey him. I no more give importance to earthly things, to parties, technicians, directors, actors. We are all here to glorify God and nothing else.
  • Simran Bardeskar
    Mumbai, India
    I have been a part of this ministry from 6 yrs and have experienced a lot of blessings and miracles. As soon as I got pregnant, I left my job in ICICI Bank. The agency which employed me in this Bank, shut down, due to which I did not receive my PF. After sowing in the Ministry for this reason, I received a double portion of my Provident Fund. Before coming here I had bleeding problem. I knew about the woman who had bleeding issue and she was healed as soon as she touched the hem of Jesus' garment. With faith I also touched the garment of Jesus, and that very moment I was healed. After my delivery, I had a copper T fixed for birth control, but we had it removed after Bro. Manuel counseled. There was a swelling observed, which disappeared as soon as we prayed. After joining the Ministry, nobody drinks in my family anymore. My parents are healed financially and physically as they have sowed their seed here. Our business has been blessed abundantly as we have been guided by Bro Manuel and we have surrendered everything to the Lord.
  • Siddhika Lahori
    Mumbai, India
    I have a lot to be thankful for. I want to testify about all the changes in my life because of my Lord Jesus Christ. I used to be quite nervous and scared about travelling by myself. As a result, oftentimes, I would get very sick just before the journey. I realised this was primarily due to fear within me—fear far greater than faith. This fear was everywhere I went. I felt it wouldn't let me live my life. So, I prayed and asked Jesus to take over and free me of this fear. I put my trust and faith in Him, and the anxiety I had of not being able to travel alone finally left me. Since that day, I've been calmer and not so anxious. I was also suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain for more than 8 months. But I put my faith in Jesus and I surrendered everything to Him. After the prayer session, I realised the pain had left me. When faith is in, fear is out! I love Jesus, His mercy and Grace! Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah!
  • Sandra Thomas
    Mumbai, India
    I was diagnosed with fibroids in my uterus and was supposed to get operated. But I delayed the operation and also neglected the treatment as I was waiting on the Lord for an appropriate date. My husband finally took me for the check-up and we found out there was no need to undergo the operation. The sonography test showed that there are no fibroids. I just want to thank Jesus, the Ministry, Bro. Manuel, Sis. Lynette and all the prayer warriors, who prayed for me.
  • Rohini Tambe
    Mumbai, India
    It's been 7 years since I came to this Ministry. I had spondylitis and used to get cramps on the right side of my head and my right ear, due to which I could not use the phone. During the period of fasting I went to the doctor for a checkup, he gave me some tablets for 20 days. I took only a few and asked Jesus to heal me. Sis. Lynette prayed and interceded for me. Slowly the headache and ear pain stopped, and the spondylitis problem has decreased. I just want to say 'thank you, Jesus' and 'thank you, Brother Manuel & Sis. Lynette’.
  • Pearl Parekh
    Mumbai, India
    I had an accident in August due to which I had a broken shoulder bone. I was supposed to go in for an operation. Bro Manuel suggested a doctor, asked me to wait on the Lord, and prayed for me. Since then, there has been no pain at all around the shoulder or anywhere. I thank God for healing me and I believe that the accident happened for a reason...possibly because I was not obedient. I have started a jewellery business now. My family always looks up to Bro. Manuel. There were many ups and downs we had to go through, but he has always been our support. He looks kind of strict, but he is not, though sometimes he has to be. His presence in our life is amazing.
  • William Pereira
    Mumbai, India
    I was suffering from chest, arm and stomach pain and I was confused whether it was a sickness or just my thinking. After a very long time, I visited a doctor to get myself checked. I informed Brother Manuel about it and he said not to worry about anything. The reports were normal, doctor said it was just acidity and the pain also disappeared. After sowing on 1st Jan, my wife who was unemployed got a very good job with an MNC close to our house. I have received my children and been blessed in every aspect of my life after coming to this ministry. I have also learned to sow here. I thank God for blessing me, thank Brother and this ministry for keeping us in prayers.
  • Sneha Tak
    Mumbai, India
    I have been part of Bro. Manuel Ministries for 8 years. I learnt two important things in recent days. One is the virtue of silence. It is better to be silent and stay positive than to open your mouth and speak negative. The second thing I learnt is obedience to the Word of God. When God does not want something wrong to remain, He will remove it from your life. Thank you, Jesus. I praise your name and I am with you come what may.
  • Mona Kriplani
    New Jersey, USA
    I live in the US. I was healed of epilepsy after coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries. I got married and conceived thereafter. I never had any problems with my pregnancy, but my daughter was diagnosed with infant botulism when she was six months old. Bro. Manuel prayed for her. I used to keep his handkerchief on my daughter constantly; it was like an armour on her. My daughter is fine now. I would like to thank the Lord Jesus for healing her and for His presence in my life.
  • Tara Singh
    Mumbai, India
    Last month, I was so sick that I thought I wouldn't survive. I am alive only because of Bro. Manuel and this ministry's prayers. I am so thankful that I am a part of this ministry. I got to know Christ because of Bro. Manuel. I was illiterate, but I started reading after coming to this ministry. Now, I have got a job as a teacher in a school. Thank you, Jesus.
  • Matilda Gonsalves
    Mumbai, India
    I met with an accident in 2003, and was in coma for eight days. I lost the sense of smell and taste. I also had difficulties in remembering things. However, after coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries and completing Daniel's Fast, I have been healed completely. I can remember everything now. My sense of taste and smell has also returned. I really thank God for this mighty miracle He has done in my life. Even the doctors had given up hope. In fact, when I met them recently, they were surprised to see me. They said, “You are still alive? We thought that you are gone.” I only told the doctor that the day I met with the accident, my prayer book was with me in my bag. Jesus has protected me throughout my life. Jesus has saved me. Jesus has healed me.
  • Chandra Vyas
    Mumbai, India
    I have been suffering from swelling in my feet for the last 55 years. After wearing the blessed shirt Bro. Manuel gave me, I woke up in the morning feeling very energetic and the heaviness in my feet went away. After 55 years, God showed me His favour. I can place my feet and walk properly now. My brother was also very unwell. He was so serious that we lost hope. I took the red band that Bro. Manuel had given me and placed it under his pillow before we left. We got a call the next morning that he has come back home.
  • Merlyn D’souza
    Mumbai, India
    My husband and I have been coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries since October 2004. Before coming to this ministry, we were living in darkness. We were living a life of insecurity. We were newly married, but we did not know the true joy of marriage. My husband gave up drinking and smoking after coming to the ministry. I was an introvert. I could never talk to anybody. But after coming here, I became very bold. We started gaining confidence in life. We could never imagine a house of our own. It was impossible. But God has made everything possible. I want to thank God for everything.
  • Joslin Noronha
    Mumbai, India
    My dad was suffering from high sugar levels. He was first admitted to the ICU. The doctors could not figure out the exact problem. Initially, they thought it was cancer. I immediately called Bro. Manuel and he told me not to worry and to simply trust the Lord. My father is now completely healed and his diabetes is also very, very normal now. I also want to testify about my studies. I have always been an average student. I never scored high or stood first. But after Bro. Manuel advised everyone to claim your blessings, I expressed my desire to stand first in the college. I used to pray this every day. Soon thereafter, I stood first in the college. I scored the highest marks in the paper that was the toughest. I want to thank Bro. Manuel and the ministry. It is because of this ministry that my faith is increasing day by day. And my family is blessed. During the Sabbath, I lost 4 kgs. My family has also been sowing irrespective of whatever we have. I give the Lord what He deserves and what is rightfully His.
  • Subhash Parekh
    Mumbai, India
    I work in the film industry and recently started my own business, providing high-end cameras on hire. I purchased a camera worth Rs 40 lakhs from abroad since it is not available in India. The dealer assured me that the camera would be delivered in 15 days. However, three months later, I had still not received the delivery. During this time, there was a lot of tension in the house. I spoke to Bro. Manuel, who advised me to start praying. After much prayer and petition, I finally received the camera in the fourth month. I started renting out the camera, but then, all of a sudden, the LCD display stopped working. I was told that the camera could not be repaired in India. Once again, I got in touch with Bro. Manuel. He advised me to pray everyday together with my family. Soon thereafter, someone told me that the LCD could be repaired in India itself. The camera got repaired and in just a week I was back in business. Also, payments that were not coming through began to flow again. I thank God for bringing me through this difficult stage and Bro. Manuel for his timely counselling.
  • Caroline Coutto
    Mumbai, India
    I have been suffering from a severe heart problem since 1989. The doctors are actually amazed that I am still alive. They said that I am lucky to enjoy such good health despite having such a serious heart condition. I know this is possible only because of God. I know that Jesus loves me and that I am precious to Him. He is taking care of me. I also thank Bro. Manuel and the ministry for their constant prayers. I am really enjoying every moment.
  • Usha Chavan
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries for the last five years. Me and my husband were HIV Positive. I used to take tablets to stop conception because I did not want to bring an HIV Positive child into this world. When I told Bro. Manuel about this, he advised me to stop taking contraception pills. Soon thereafter, I conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy — after two girls. The baby was born without HIV. Also, both me and my husband were cured. Our reports now show that we are both HIV Negative. This is only because of my Lord Jesus. My son was born on the same day as Bro. Manuel. That's why Brother named him Emmanuel. Jesus has blessed us so much. Nobody can do this much. This cannot happen anywhere else. The whole world knows that there is no cure for HIV, but they don't know Jesus. Our reports have come negative. I thank Jesus for everything. Ever since we started coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries, we have received many things. I used to go to many places and bow to many gods, but I never got anything in return. No other god can give as much as the Lord Jesus has given us. May the ministry of Bro. Manuel and the Word of God spread far and wide.
  • Dinkar Poojary
    Mumbai, India
    I want to testify that my father, who used to be an alcoholic, has stopped drinking completely. This transformation came about after me and my brother started attending the retreats and prayer meetings organized by Bro. Manuel Ministries. God started working in our father's life through us. He changed us for the better too. I used to get very poor grades in school, but after coming to the Lord, my marks have improved. I have learned so many things after listening to Bro. Manuel. I thank God for blessings us so abundantly.
  • Haresh Mulchandani
    Mumbai, India
    I lost approximately Rs 10 lakh chasing after babas and tantriks, poojas, etc. for the past 25 years. However, I never found what I was looking for. Then, I came to the Lord through Bro. Manuel Ministries. In just a year and a half, God has restored everything back to me. Whenever I sow into God's Kingdom, I reap a threefold harvest. I have full faith in God and know that he will deliver me from all evil.
  • Babaji Chiplunkar
    Mumbai, India
    I have been coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries since 2007. I started coming initially because my wife was unwell. She has since been cured. I used to be a very strict and short-tempered man. I had the spirit of unforgiveness in me and if anybody wronged me, I would spend all my time thinking about how I would harm that person. However, after coming to the ministry, a tremendous change has come over me. I am able to forgive people easily now because I understand that if I don't forgive others, God will not forgive me. I have been blessed in every aspect of my life. I was searching for the truth all my life and I finally found it at Bro. Manuel Ministries. I have promised to serve Jesus for as long as I live.
  • Siddhika Lahori
    Mumbai, India
    I have a lot to be thankful for. I want to testify about all the changes in my life because of my Lord Jesus Christ. I used to be quite nervous and scared about travelling by myself. As a result, oftentimes, I would get very sick just before the journey. I realised this was primarily due to fear within me—fear far greater than faith. This fear was everywhere I went. I felt it wouldn't let me live my life. So, I prayed and asked Jesus to take over and free me of this fear. I put my trust and faith in Him, and the anxiety I had of not being able to travel alone finally left me. Since that day, I've been calmer and not so anxious. I was also suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain for more than 8 months. But I put my faith in Jesus and I surrendered everything to Him. After the prayer session, I realised the pain had left me. When faith is in, fear is out! I love Jesus, His mercy and Grace! Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah!
  • Binita Roy
    Mumbai, India
    I had a severe hair fall problem for about a year or so, and it became worse during the past 2-3 months. I tried all possible medicines and changed my shampoos and conditioners. Every time Bro. Manuel used to pray for people suffering from hair fall, I used to apply the Blood of Jesus on my scalp, but with very little faith. However, I recently found out from the lady who takes care of my hair that there is a lot of new growth. In fact, there are so many new hair strands that even she could not believe it. Separately, my 51-year-old brother lost his job recently because the company closed down. It is obviously difficult to get a job at that age, but I told him not to lose hope. I prayed for him and in just a few weeks, he got a new job. I also want to testify about the healing my husband has received for breathlessness. God has blessed our relationship and we are very happy. I thank God for everything.
  • Bruce Dsouza
    Mumbai, India
    I work for a call centre. I was initially in the back office, but now I am in the voice process. It was difficult for me to speak initially because my communication skills were not good. During the process training, I was rated very poorly, but after coming to Bro. Manuel Ministries and praying, I have moved from the last rank to the first. I was a fraudster, a robber, drunkard… I had many vices, but after coming here, I've changed for good.. I used to be an animal, but God sent a man called Bro. Manuel and he has tamed this animal and made me a human being. Sometimes, I look at the mirror and say this is not me. I was living in hell, but I was pulled up to heaven. I constantly feared that I would lose my job. But by partaking of the Blood of Jesus, all my fears have disappeared. Yes, I still have problems, but I know now that God takes care of everything.
  • Mithoon Sharma
    Mumbai, India
    I was in the US a few months back for the IIFA Awards. I collected the award for the Best Music Director and Best Lyricist in front of 55,000 people. The first thing I said as soon as I got up on stage was, “I would like to thank my Lord and my hero Jesus Christ.” That took many people by surprise because the US is adopting secular policies and not everybody is comfortable hearing about Jesus in a public gathering. Nevertheless, it has always been my practice to thank the Lord every opportunity I get. I know that wherever I go, I am an ambassador of Christ. People commended me for glorifying the Lord at the IIFA Awards. They said I was a hero. I told them Jesus died on the cross for us. He is the real hero. And it is not so great that I take the name of Jesus. What is really great is that Jesus knows each of us by name. I was in the UAE last week. And just before a radio interview, the interviewer said, “We know that you always speak about Jesus. But this is an Arab country, so please don’t do that. It is not allowed here.” I told them your station plays so many double meaning songs, how come the government has no problem with that. I told him if Jesus is not allowed then even I am not allowed because wherever I go, it is not me but Christ who goes with me and speaks for me. They went ahead and interviewed me and I think they edited the interview later because it wasn’t live. The next day, I had a concert and I decided to deal with them there. I went on stage and said, “I am here in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.” I am not concerned that they may not call me next year. The name of the Lord was lifted up and that’s all that matters. My work is done. I came to Bro. Manuel Ministries eight years back as an unbeliever. I learned to take a stand for the Lord Jesus Christ from Bro. Manuel. The Bible says the righteous are bold as lions. Daniel was persecuted. Stephen was persecuted. We too will be persecuted for following Jesus. The persecution comes because we are doing the right thing. But God said He will rescue us. The present troubles cannot be compared to the coming glory. Just hold on. God has a beautiful plan for you.
  • Shawn Paperwala
    Mumbai, India
    I was raised in a Christian family and used to go to church all the time, but I was never in the Lord. I did receive Confirmation and all the other sacraments, but I did not really care. My dad got a new job and I got into an international school. I was doing very well so I did not care for God. When I was at the highest point in my life, Satan started attacking me. I noticed a small patch under my arm. I started taking medicines, steroids, etc. and reduced my food intake because I was scared that some food might aggravate the symptoms. Nevertheless, I contracted tuberculosis and lost a lot of weight. I was also suffering from gastric pain and malaria at the same time. With nowhere else to go, I turned to God. And from that moment on everything changed for the better. My weight has increased and my health has improved. I would like to thank all the people here for praying for me. It is not my faith in God that has saved me, but the prayers of my parents, Bro. Manuel and the ministry. I thank God for healing me and look forward for great things to come.
  • Herman & Annmarie Mendonca
    Mumbai, India
    I have been married for the last 17 years; however, my wife was not able to concieve. My wife had four miscarriages—the last one in 2010. After the miscarriage, we had a counselling session with Bro. Manuel. He said, “God is more important than the baby. Pray hard and God will do the best.” During Bro. Manuel’s birthday last year, he told my wife, “If you want to conceive, eat this cake.” Soon thereafter, we confirmed that my wife was pregnant. In the third month, we did a genetic test, which was positive. However, I was advised later that such tests are against the faith because even if the report says the baby is abnormal our faith does not permit abortion. My wife had several problems such as stomach pain, high sugar and pressure during the pregnancy. Nevertheless, our baby was born completely normal and Bro. Manuel named him Isaiah. I would like to thank everyone in Bro. Manuel Ministries for praying for us. God has blessed us and we are very thankful.
  • Daniel Dsouza
    Mumbai, India
    My mother was not keeping well and the doctors said she would need to undergo a surgery. However, they also said there could be complications. We spoke to Bro. Manuel and after a lot of prayer and intercession, went ahead with the operation. My mother came out of surgery with absolutely no complications. She is doing quite well now. I want to thank God for seeing us through this difficult time.
  • Samuel Karkada
    Mumbai, India
    I had a cyst in the right hemisphere of my brain. The doctor said it could turn into a tumour and eventually become cancerous. I was advised to get operated upon with the understanding that I could become bed-ridden and not be able to move for 3–4 years after that. When I came to Bro. Manuel Ministries, something happened to me. Bro. Manuel was praying in the Blood of Jesus and saying, “Eat the body of Christ… the part that you want to be healed." Immediately, I started praying very hard. I praise and thank the Lord that as soon as I ate the part where the 32.6 cm cyst was, it disappeared. I could not even move my head freely for the last six months because of the cyst. But now, there is no pain at all. The cyst was dissolved by the Blood of Jesus. I want to share my experience with youngsters. When we are in college, the first thing we do is we compromise. That's where satan enters. There are three things in life you should never do: a) never disobey God; b) never disobey your parents; and c) never betray a man of God. I did all these things. That's why I suffered terribly. I was a blessed child. I started playing drums at the age of 8. I used to lead worship sessions. God taught me how to play guitar without a tuition teacher. Even today, I cannot read music, but I can play music by ear because the gift of music was given to me by God. I used to minister in the church with my mother. But pride entered me. I started neglecting God. I started playing for the secular world. And then my life took a turn for the worse. I fell in love with a girl. I left my house for her. I was 14 when I left my house. I thought my parents were not perfect and I was perfect. I was totally into friends, drugs, alcohol—everything. Anything bad that you can think of, I've done that. I used to earn almost Rs 65,000–85,000 a month. But I did not save a single rupee. All my money used to go in alcohol, LSDs, cocaine, etc. I did not return to the Lord again because I was ashamed. During my time of separation from God and my family, I contracted malaria thrice. I suffered from terrible headaches for three months non-stop. Sometimes, my eyes even bled. I was really fed up of the pain that I was going through. I also tried committing suicide thrice. I jumped from a train, but there was not a single scratch on my body. I cut my veins six times, but I did not die. Because God has a plan for me and for my family. I was brought from Goa to Bombay on a stretcher. The doctor said I had only four hours left to live. But God had a different plan. God's plan was for me to live and reconcile with my family. I spoke to my mom and dad after nine years. Today, I can testify this because God never left me. I thank and praise God for restoring me and for all that He has been doing in my life.
  • Vanessa Fernandes
    Mumbai, India
    I hurt my knee and couldn't stretch my legs or walk comfortably due to the pain. I applied blessed oil and started praying in the Blood of Jesus. I was considering going to the doctor, but then I decided to come for the outreach. During the praise and worship, I jumped and danced despite the pain. After that, I went home and went to bed. When I got up in the morning, the pain had gone completely. I want to thank Jesus Christ for healing me.
  • Balu Nagare
    Mumbai, India
    I come to the prayer meetings and pray regularly. My son was imprisoned for five years. But God has forgiven him. His prison sentence has been reduced and he has been released a year-and-half earlier. I believe this happened because of my prayers and sowing. I always sow my seed for my business and my son, and my sowing is never in vain. There is peace in my family and my business is doing well. Thank you, Jesus and Bro. Manuel Ministries. Today, I am very happy.
  • Carmeline fernandes
    Mumbai, India
    I was suffering from giddiness due to which I could not stand, sleep or even look down. Nevertheless, I took part in praise and worship with all my heart and told the devil to get behind me. I went to Bro. Manuel and he prayed over me. When I returned home, the giddiness stopped. I am healed. Thank you, Jesus
  • Vinesh Paperwala
    Mumbai, India
    I work in the sales department and sometimes the pressure of meeting targets is too much to bear. I was handling three high-value projects for my company. I told Bro. Manuel to pray for me and kept him informed about the status of these projects on near constant basis. I am happy to testify that we managed to close the deal with one of the three clients recently. I am confident that we will win the other two projects as well. I tell my team to just remember one thing: The Lord is with you and you shall win. Thank you, God. Thank you, Bro. Manuel.
  • Detosa Rebello
    Mumbai, India
    I consulted a doctor over a big lump, who advised me to undergo an operation. Instead, I opted to attend the retreat organized by Bro. Manuel Ministries. I had a counselling session with Bro. Manuel and he prayed for me. I am happy to testify that I received full healing for my body and the lump disappeared without me having to undergo any operation.
  • Samuel Kedari
    Mumbai, India
    I had to undergo a laser operation for my left eye, but because the retina was affected, the doctor arranged for one more surgery. On the day of the operation, the doctor could not make it. I spoke to Bro. Manuel and he advised me to go on praying. I realized that God was keeping me form being operated upon again. It has been 3-4 years since then and I can see everything clearly. I don't even need spectacles. My vision is very good even though I am now 73 years of age.
  • Naina Kanetkar
    Mumbai, India
    I have been wearing spectacles for the last 15 years. During the prayer meeting, I removed my spectacles and applied the Blood of Jesus on my eyes. When I put my spectacles back on, my vision was blurred. That's when I realised that my vision had been restored. I can see clearly now without the spectacles. Thank you, Jesus.
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